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with The Stacey Harris



PUT AN END TO YOUR  overwhelm


Public Service Announcement

You don’t need to keep up with the ever-changing vortex of social media updates, algorithms, and trends

I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know (and what you can ditch) so you can…

  • Increase your visibility – your way – without feeling like a desperate douchebag
  • Find, attract, and build your community with people you’d happily hangout with more in-person for days and days, because they’re that awesome.
  • Get ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date social media trainings, insights, and personalized feedback
There’s no ‘right way’ to grow your business online.

There’s their way and there’s your way…

Which one sounds like more fun?​

Okay, ok. So I know you’ve seen those online sell-your-soul-preneurs…

…the ones who plunge ego-first into social media — a month before they launch their shiny new course, program, or product — only to sell to literally ANYONE with an ‘enter’ key within pinky’s reach.

That ‘gimme gimme gimme’ hustle is fueled by hubris and a do-or-die strategy to make cash, fast.

And unfortunately, this strategy is missing the most important social elements: heart, humility, and a li’l thing we call hu·man·i·ty

Not to mention it’s a helluva lot less effective and efficient.

Because the future of social media marketing isn’t about CONVERSIONS.

It’s about creating space consistently for real CONVERSATIONS with real people.

Turns out, social media marketing is not about collecting friends so you can spam them with sleazy sales promotions on messenger, never-ending requests to ‘LIKE’ your page, and an onslaught of FB invites for happy hour shindigs in cities miles away from your home.

Good grief! Let’s end the madness.

If you have yet to invest your social capital, time, and energy into cultivating your community, you could end up pushing your people further and further away, launch-by-fuckin’-launch.

And that’s worthy of a tear or two…

The 2 Most Common Mistakes

That Prevent Business Owners From Growing Their Communities
(…and Businesses) Online



You’re as invisible as Casper the Social Media Ghost, even though you’re Tweeting, posting, and publishing everywhere. You’re starting to wonder, What the F is up?

I’ll tell you what’s up … you’ve turned your social media strategy into an all-you-can-eat buffet. And instead of giving your people a Michelin-starred chef’s table experience, you’ve given them soggy nachos with big dollops of sour cream and a lackluster sampling of beliefs that barely represent your brand.

You’ve stretched yourself too thin, love. The good news? Turns out you don’t need to be on every social network — you just need to select 2 – 4 and focus all of your attention on building a depth of content, personality, and trust in those destinations.

And if that feels overwhelming, like you’re not sure you can handle four social media channels … I’ve got even better news. I’ll show you how to gain some serious traction with just two social channels, because two is better than none, amiright?

Because if you want to build a community that can ride the tumultuous social sea of change and outlast any storm, you don’t need to talk to everyone. You just need to talk to the right people at the right time. I’ll show you how. You’re welcome.



Just like my favorite city (NYC), social media moves effin’ fast. And it doesn’t wait for anyone, including you.

​So if you’re sitting still, waiting for the ‘right’ time to jump in and take action, I’ve gotta tell ya – there will never be more perfect time in the history of cavewomen, mammoths, and saber tooth tigers to speak up, share, and connect.

Because when it comes to social media, it’s impossible to quote-unquote blow it. And even though social media algorithms and trends change daily, it’s never too late to jump in and learn something new. I don’t care if you’re 13 or 103, you all have the same exact opportunity to access online tools, create, and grow.

Your community needs you, and if you keep hiding they’re going to miss out on all the value you have for them. The old cliche isn’t true, building it doesn’t make them come, marketing it does.​
Your people are listening… and waiting

So get in there and experiment. It won’t get easier, you’ll just feel further behind.

Blink twice if you’ve ever felt like there must be a ‘secret’ to social media mastery, because it only seems to work for a select few.

Maybe you feel like…

  • You’re not capable of growing an online community, because you’ve struggled with consistency in the past.
  • You should just give up and take a social media sabbatical, because you aren’t seeing results on any channel (…so what’s the point?).
  • You don’t have enough time to keep up with social media updates and trends, because hello! you’ve got a business to run, clients to serve, and a family to feed.
  • You should do exactly what the guru’s tell you to do on social media, because they’re the ones making the money… so they must have all the answers, right?

Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

It’s easy to doubt yourself – and give up on social media altogether – when you’ve stumbled in the past.

  • You started sharing stories on Instagram (awesome), only to fall off the bandwagon a few weeks later… because life got busy.
  • You’ve talked about creating a content calendar (hello, organization!), but you’re not sure where the hell to start.
  • A lack of engagement on your Facebook page (ummm, where is everyone?) makes you want to crawl into your dark social media hatred hole and sulk.
  • You hired a virtual assistant to manage your social accounts, but never saw the ROI so you let her go, And now you’re stressed out and scheduling social solo… again.
  • You’ve thrown thousands of dollars down the drain on Facebook and Instagram advertising and you refuse to pay another penny until you know exactly what you’re doing.

It’s normal to feel like you’re behind, like you’ll never ‘get it’, or like you’re wasting your precious time on frivolous shit.

The good news? You can grow a thriving community without…​

  • Handcuffing yourself to your iPhone 24/7 (…please don’t)
  • Owning a huge list of fans (… all you need is one person who loves ya)
  • Knowing EVERYTHING about ALL things social media (… that’s why you’ve got me)

So do me a favor and stop listening to the echo chamber of coaches and ‘experts’ who looooove to tell ya….

  • You’re doing something wrong
  • You’re not quiet good enough (yet).
  • And with 10 small payments, they can magically turn you into a 6-figure machine.

I call bullshit on businesses that try to make you feel broken just so they can collect a buck or two.

Because you’re far from broken.

You just need the occasional affirmation, like a ‘HELL YEAH’, or even feedback like, ‘Hey, why don’t you try this instead?’ so you can avoid getting stuck in analysis paralysis when faced with challenges that are out of your wheelhouse.​

Erika Lyremark
Think Like a Stripper
“What makes Stacey different and better than other social media experts is that she truly sees how you naturally move through the world and then gives you a social media strategy that’s totally effortless and exciting. Stacey is my social media strategist for life.”

So tell me, what could you build if you had a VIP backstage pass to a bullshit free show, along with the most up-to-date training videos on the World Wide Web?…

AND what type of impact could you generate if you had access to a trusted online marketing pro, who is available daily to provide guidance, answer questions, and give you insider social news?​


Hit the   Mic


The only community created specifically to filter useless social media rules and expectations from your life because…
who has time for that shit?


Do things differently on social media (and in life), because you’re done dealing with the doucehbaggery

Grab the mic and own your stage, because your fans have been waiting for you to speak up, rise up, and fly.

Connect with your community like create collaborators – not just cash cows

Simplicity reigns in this kingdom.

We focus on doing ONE THING that will actually make a difference in your business. And ultimately make this social stuff feel easy buh-reezy.

If you want premium advice that will cut through the online baloney, you’re in the right place.

This backstage pass is PERFECT for you if…

  • All you want is to keep life and social media manageable, with less options and more intentionality.
  • Your inner-contrarian is sick of online marketers telling you what to do (you’re a rebel at heart).
  • You want one go-to social media consultant (ahem, like Stacey) to answer all your questions, weed out the poison from the social jungle, and give you guidance based on your business needs, not what’s trending that day.
  • You’re DIY-ing your social media content or you even have a VA coordinating your social media schedule, Either way, you need a strategy in place.
  • You’ve hit a plateau in your business, feel stuck, and need honest feedback and guidance from a group of business owners who get you.
  • You want to live life at eleven, just like me

Hit the Mic Backstage isn’t for everyone…

This is a dust-bunny-free zone.

Check your unicorns, glitter, and magic mumbo jumbo at the door, puh-lease. Fluff ain’t our thing.

If you’d rather sing Kumbaya and braid each other’s hair – instead of doing the real work – this might not be your jam. And that’s ok. No hard Feelings.

This backstage pass is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t take action. I can’t help you, if you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone, unveil your personality, and experiment on a new social platform.
  • You’re a self-promotional TAKER. Integrity, trust, and a genuine willingness to support each other is key in this community.
  • You whine more than you work. Make no mistake, we have our fair share of rants… but once we step off the soapbox, we grind it out, solve problems, and make stuff happen.
YOUR Backstage Pass INCLUDES


Stay ahead of the curve with an insider look into the latest changes, updates, and trends with our easy-to-follow video trainings on the most popular networks, but most importantly the hows of building your strategy and checking your numbers.

The best part? You don’t need to watch every single training. You just need to watch the ones that make the most sense for your business. As soon as you join Hit the Mic Backstage, you’ll receive an insider look at our most popular trainings so you can get started immediately.

Live Monthly Masterminds

Every month, I host our LIVE Monthly Member Mastermind. This is the time to get support from me by asking questions, or even grabbing a 15 minute hot seat spot.


You have a seasoned online marketing pro in your back pocket (aka our private community), available to provide you strategic guidance, individual feedback, and answers to your most challenging questions.

Questions will continue to pop up, daily. So tell me…


Need live feedback, custom social profile reviews (like below), or help solving a an stress-inducing challenge? The best aha moments, ideas, and strategic conversations take place in the VIP Lounge.

You can join Stacey and your fellow business owners in Backstage (AKA our private community) get answers to your questions, get accountable and get action steps, and honest feedback from a loyal & loving community who not only knows their shit, but also wants you to succeed.

Because I dig transparency, here are the

Top 3 Questions

HIT THE MIC BACKSTAGE members have asked me right before joining…

Maybe you’re ready to build your social strategy, grow your community, and boost your revenue each month, but you’re wondering if HIT THE MIC will work for you…

1. How do I know if I’ll get my money’s worth?

Life’s a gamble my friend.

And because I believe in creating a no-brainer (and stress free) buying decisions, I intentionally decreased all risk involved in your Hit the Mic Backstage membership by providing this guarantee:

You can quit at ANY point.

You’ll never feel stuck, paying for a membership month-after-month-after-month, desperate to break free. You can pay monthly and when you’re done, you’re done. We first-bump and say adios.

Personally, when it comes to investing my own money in the right memberships, programs, and courses, I tend to follow the social proof & results, a tactic that has yet to fail me…

2. I’m crazy-busy – do I really have enough TIME to take action in my business?

Maybe you’re like me and you understand the value of your time. You’re not willing to throw it away on anything, unless you can connect it directly to a ROI.

Let’s face it – marketing on social media can literally be a full-time job. People hire people to manage their social accounts ALL the time. And if you’re DIYing it or coordinating with your VA it isn’t an easy feat.

So if time is of the essence, I’d suggest that you stop pressuring yourself to watch every single training (…because there are over 50 trainings!) Instead, move at your own pace and pick and choose the trainings and courses that are most relevant to you, based on what your business needs today.

The #1 goal behind Hit the Mic Backstage is that you no longer have to waste hours scouring the Internet, trying your best to stay up-to-date. I release you of that duty.

And I will do ALL the grunt work for you so that you can just show up get what you need, and go about your daily business at an accelerated pace. Viola.​

And because I believe in creating a no-brainer (and stress free) buying decisions, I intentionally decreased all risk involved in your Hit the Mic Backstage membership by providing this guarantee: [looks like text is missing]

3. Will you ‘de-friend’ me if I end up leaving Hit the Mic Backstage?

No way. When you’re in Hit the Mic Backstage, I’m 100% focused on helping you grow your community, business, and income. I’ll cheer you on, no matter what.

And believe me, I understand better than anyone that life is unpredictable. SO if you’ve gotta dip out to take care of business, we’ll say buh-bye ampicably.

Of course, you’re welcome back ANY TIME. This community isn’t going anywhere. IN fact, we’re growing exponentially.

And I continue to update and improve Hit the Mic Backstage, to best support the needs of all members, based on monthly feedback.

The Stacey Harris was HERE!
I like building online communities because it makes the word feel… small.

You could say my fascination with community building steps from my love of concerts and musics… take a P!NK concert for instance…

When you’re immersed in the sound, it doesn’t matter how BIG the room is… EVERYONE is there for a single reason – to let the music move them.​

P!NK has the incredible ability to empower a community out of misfits, rebels, and constraints. And she even makes the entire room feel intimate and inclusive. The experience feels like an ongoing conversation. An open channel. A real community.​

I try my best to bring that ‘you and me’ vibe to Hit the Mic Backstage, along with every aspect of social media marketing. and EVERYTHING I do.

My rant (… because rants are always fun ;)​

When it comes to social media marketing, we all spend waaaaay too much time learning things we don’t actually need to know.

And I’m SO not interested in telling you how smart I am or teaching you everything I know until you turn blue in the face. I want to teach you EXACTLY what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Because you and me. We can figure this out…
And by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll think this stuff is easy.
(it’s my job to make it that way)​


Building a community using social media marketing is NO LONGER a ‘nice to have’…

it’s an indispensable part of your business.

And it’s the most effective and efficient way to:

Build your authority
Accelerate your business
Impact even more people

Grow your community with

Hit the Mic


Curious QUESTIONS I’ve been asked… a lot!

When can I access the content?

Every single training is available to you as soon as you join. You’ll continue to have access for as long as you’re a member, including to each new training that is added every month.

Why should I join Hit the Mic Backstage today?

The only thing that gets results is action, and that’s what this community is all about. Join now and get access to trainings that walk you through each step. Plus come over and ask me any questions in the Facebook group. Social media waits for NO ONE.

I refuse to create a faux sense of urgency and scare you into joining HIT THE MIC (sooooo not my style). There are no price increases planned. In fact, I have ZERO idea when the next one will be or if there will be another one.

Will my price go up?

Nope, your price remains your price for the life of your membership. Even if the price goes up for new members, your price stays the same.

I’m not a monthly subscription type of gal — will this still be a good fit for me?

Ummmm yes. If you’re paying for too many monthly subscriptions right now, I suggest you 1) audit every single subscription you’re paying for (because it’s easy to forget!) and discontinue the ones you haven’t accessed for at least 3 months. And 2) don’t think of HIT THE MIC as a monthly subscription if that model doesn’t jive mentally with you.

It’s easy to feel pressured to take advantage of EVERY single resource ASAP when you pay for a monthly membership. IF that stresses you out, I’d suggest you consider a yearly membership instead so you can get 2 months for free and save $194.

Hey Stacey, why should I listen to you?

Other than the fact that I’ve done everything from working for a record label to selling knives door-to-door to running a virtual assistant company, I think I’m awesome because I’ve…

  • Published more then 350 episodes of the Hit the Mic Podcast
  • Attracted 100+ incredible members to Hit the Mic Backstage
  • Featured on ocial Media Examiner, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, and more.
  • Spoken to groups like WordCamp Phoenix, International Virtual Assistants Association and more
  • Retired my husband (Charles, you’ll meet him) so our family could have complete freedom.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You get access for as long as you’re a member.

What’s your refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at anytime, but there are no refunds available.

Tell me, Stacey, what do you like best about your ‘job’?

That moment when someone — who is convinced they’ll never understand it — gets what I’m telling them. I live for aha moments and awakenings.

Stacey, what do you do when you’re not rockin’ the mic?

You’ll find me drawing (doodles below), painting, listening to my favorite musicians (Halestorm, P!nk, Stevie Nicks, Frank Sinatra, Garbage, Frankie Ballard and the list goes on…), watching way too much TV (fave shows: The West Wing, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, and The Crown), or training for my next 10K.

If I still have questions-slash-I-want-a-doodle, where can I get in touch?

[answer is missing]

Seriously Though… Why Backstage?

I don’t promise 6-figures or record-breaking launches. I do promise that if you show up daily, do the work, participate in private forum & trainings then you’ll experience a major shift in your business.

I promise you I’ll give you all I’ve got. I’ll answer all of your questions at a wicked pace and support your business goals with my savviest social media advice and insights

And if I don’t have an answer for you, I’ll find out. Because that’s how I roll.

  • If you want clarity, open your eyes.
  • If you want advice, slow down and listen.
  • If you want growth, take action today.

Because I want this decision to be an easy one, there is literally no risk involved. You can cancel your membership at anytime.